5 Reasons Why Cruelty-Free Makeup Is The “Real” Deal!

Somewhere in 2015-2016, there was a huge outbreak on social media about how China’s Yulin Festival breaches animal rights and promotes the consumption of dog meat. It saw several social media users come together to sign online petitions to cancel the festival,launch digital protests against it and condemn it in their own small and big ways. Now, you must be wondering what makes us throwback to this delirious viral news. So, let’s get to it.

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The beauty and cosmetic industry is a beautiful world on the outside that “covers the flaws” of the inside reality—hidden, nasty truths. Everyday, several animals are abused and exploited to favour the profitability of several brands that have been patronised over the years. According to Cruelty Free Kitty, did you know nearly 115 million animals are being used for animal testing globally every year? A version of China’s Yulin Festival is the testing grounds for a whole industry to run on.


Animal testing is downright cruel. There is no excuse, no reason, no truth bigger than the fact that beauty companies are “choosing” to be cruel if they are testing on animals. While many pets like cats and dogs may be protected against industrial cruelty, poor fur babies like rabbits, rats and mice, and pigs are still facing invasive lab tests where harmful chemicals are poured on their skin or rubbed in their eyes. Cruelty-free makeup is the answer to stop such shameful and disgusting acts of abuse and exploitation. If a brand has stringent policies against testing on animals, it makes them a cruelty-free makeup brand. This is different from being a vegan beauty brand. Vegan beauty is when a brand refrains from using animal ingredients like beeswax, animal fat, honey,
lanolin, gelatin, fish oil, etc. When a brand refrains from both, only then it may be certified as a vegan AND cruelty-free makeup brand.


What makes cruelty-free makeup better than its counterpart? We’ve got a wholeeeee bunch of reasons but here go our top 5!

#1 Conscious Beauty V2.0
It is a version of conscious beauty
If a brand has banned animal testing, it means that they understand that they have a larger social responsibility. It is indicative that they might be bringing more “conscious” policies under their wings and ultimately making more ethical decisions that place animal rights at an equal pedestal to human rights.


#2 Gentler. Safer. Better.
It quests for natural, gentler alternatives
Brands are likely to switch to lesser reactive ingredients that are safer on human skin as they are unable to test on animals. This also means there’s constant pressure to find newer, gentler, natural ingredients to outdo competition. This has also given rise to ethical sourcing so that manufacturers are aware of where their ingredients are coming from and made up of to ensure only the best goes into the product.


#3 Gets real
It makes testing a more “realistic” process
Companies choose to test on animals only because it’s cost-efficient and increases profitability. However, animal skin is very different to human skin in many ways and may not even be ideal to infer exact results. As a result of the switch to cruelty-free processes, brands are likely to invest in methods like vitro testing that are conclusive and closer to human in biological nature.


#4 Captain Planet is the hero
It’s better for the planet
The movement from animal products to natural products, making more “conscious” decisions, giving equal importance to animal rights as human rights are all baby steps that cohesively contribute to make the planet a happier place to live in for EVERYONE.


#5 Let’s get down to business
It makes great business sense too!
Many countries across continents have banned animal testing and products that have been tested on animals (yay!). This includes China (except Hong Kong) that had mandatory animal-testing policies on beauty and personal care which have now been relaxed after PETA’s efforts to expose companies that were quietly paying the Chinese Government to test their products on animals (major yay! but way more to go). So, if you think of business plans to make your brand available across international shores, cruelty-free makeup makes perfect business sense too!

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We hope this makes you want to find out if your list of favourites are cruelty-free makeup brands, and if they are not, you feel the urgency to switch and make more conscious and cruelty-free choices. At Boss Lady Cosmetic, we believe every living being has the right to live without being exploited. And that’s why, cruelty-free makeup is not just a certification for us, it is our philosophy! Follow our cruelty-free journey here.


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