7 Women who left their mark on our hearts!

Women, lady, girl, female, wife, sister, daughter. Women have come a long way. We have seen the serious downs of life, fought for our rights, yet are fighting. Though we are in a much-much better and privileged phase of our times, we are yet thriving for our place in society. We've surely come a long, beautiful way filled with blood, sweat, tears, smiles and so much more. From our journey from girls to women and to every other role we play in society, we contribute to it in our own big-small way. We're housewives that spend most of our time in the kitchen, sometimes cooking, a lot of times gossiping but being there for our surroundings. We're also professionals who work up and down our life, face those wage gaps and come home to our messy buns and pyjamas aka peace, am I right or am I right? We're also transgender women who walk their lives, answering several questions thrown at them (If you're someone who asks another about their sexuality, always remember, it is often felt as disrespect, as you have no right to question someone on their choices, be #AllHearts) and yet living with that beautiful smile of yours! We're also those teenagers, who've just got our period and are so confused about life. We're so much more, we're so many more than one can ever identify. We're me and you. 

8th March is a day for us! Everyday is, but this one's a little more special than the others. It's our day to celebrate us, our wins, our losses, our dark clouds and our shiny rainbows. Here's to us, being women. 

We've got you 7 Women who left their mark on our hearts! 

#1 Laxmi Tripathi - Transgender activist. Bollywood actress. Bharatnatayam dancer. Choreographer. Motivational speaker. All of this. One Woman. In 2007, the women started an organization named 'Astitva' for the welfare of the transgender community. In India, transgenders are commonly known as 'hijras'. According to her, the word hijra is divided into two words 'hij' and 'ra' , a being who adopts a gender which is neither traditionally male or female. In 2016, she was appointmented as the head priestess of the congregation, creating history. Laxmi also starred in an award-winning documentary, 'Between The Lines : India's Third Gender'. Steps of gold, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, indeed left her mark! 

Source : en.wikipedia.org

#2 Disha Ravi - She is a 22-Year-Old climate activist who was arrested for sharing the toolkit document related to the farmer's protest. She was granted bail proving her innocence. "Every time Disha spoke to us it was she who gave us the confidence and strength. My daughter is very strong and bold (and) after all this, I have emerged a stronger mother," said Disha's mother to NDTV. Disha Ravi definitely left her mark by fighting all the obstacles her way, no less than a lion and coming out as womanly as ever!

Source : thenewsminute.com

#3 Bala Devi - She is the first Indian woman to score in a professional european football League. Creating history in India, the very second when she signed a contract overseas. Now that's some talent right there! Bala Devi has left us fangirling while leaving her mark on the grounds, on India and in all of our hearts!

Source : outlookindia.com

#4 Bilkis Bano aka Dadi - Bilkis Banno is an Indian activist who protested against CAA at a sit-in protest for over 3 months. She was included in Time magazine's Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in 2020 in the icons category. She was also on the BBC list of 100 inspiring and influential women. Recently, She was featured in the 2021 edition of The Muslim 500: The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims which named her Woman of the Year. Find us a cooler Dadi, we'll wait. 

Source : thecognate.com

#5 Rani Mistris - 7 women in Jharkhand creating history and leaving us speechless with their work and courage. If you don't know about them already, here's them. Urmila Devi, a 40-Year-Old-Women, a part of the clan, has built over 1,000 toilets across the state of Jharkhand! In India, masonry work is a skill that is usually dominated by men. These men are called 'Raj Mistris'. Thus, 'Rani Mistris' have broken the stereotype with their name and work, both. Left their mark, truly and powerfully.

Source : worldbank.org

#6 Laxmi Agarwal - She is an acid-attack survivor, a campaigner for rights of acid attack victims, and a TV host. She's definitely been a survivor and proved that nothing in this world can stop one from achieving their dreams. A strong woman can change her life if she is determined to do so. Left her mark!

Source : en.wikipedia.org

#7 Seema Kushwaha - She was the lawyer of the Nirbhaya Case.“ I was desperate to study. To pay for my college fees, I sold my payal and earrings. I also began teaching at a school. Throughout, I refused to give up,” Kushwaha recalls. She kept her head high and was determined to fight for justice, and she did. 

Source : femina.in

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