Behind The Scenes With Play Stix | From The Founder

Hello, beauties!

It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken! A lot has been happening, a lot already just happened… like we dropped our latest collection—PLAY STIX! Have you checked it out yet?

3 months after launching our crowd-favourites Barely There Love Pens, the bestselling Hug All Day Waterproof Eye Flicks and the hot picks Glow TF Up Poplighters, it was time to launch another collection that would have stolen your hearts. Well, atleast that’s what I and Team BLC thought.

Life had other plans, you know? While we were in the process of developing a kick*ss product collection for you, the world went into lockdown. I’ll be brutally honest—I was lost. I did not know how horribly it would impact the business or where we should pick up back again. Nothing at all. We tried to get things moving but had way too many odds coming our way. But, one thing was certain—I was not going to lose hope. I was determined to bring this dream collection, forever in the making, to life. Something that would change the way we wear makeup forever. Something that Boss Lady Cosmetic ALWAYS had in its DNA. Play Stix brought everything together—a dream for me, a step ahead for BLC, and a makeup game-changer for you!

What’s the Play Stix buzz about?

Play Stix was created to make makeup, in all its forms and goals, accessible, fun, hassle-free and most importantly, YOURS! It was created to erase beauty rules that ever existed and stopped you from wearing a certain shade a certain way, and to give you a quick escape from anything that’s boring—a product you could play with, however you wished to, giving you the power to #PlayItYourWay.

Whether you are someone who loves black, kohl-rimmed eyes or wants to wear the same black on the lip, our “Sanskari” Play Stix could make it happen. Or simply the complete opposite. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in playing by the rules, we’ve got shades that could be used on the lips, eyes, or cheeks like the pink wonder “Darling! Wonder” among other beautiful mattes and metallics, giving you the freedom to wear whatever you want, however you want. The voice for your beauty choices is now Play Stix.

You see the design, we see you!

A bird sitting proud in all its glory, spreading its wings of freedom. A lady embracing the bird, as if that’s where she found her true spirit. You’ll see these two every time you get hold of anything Play Stix—the packaging, the product, the in-package cards, and when you wear Play Stix. YES! Wearing Play Stix is a symbolism of this freedom, this spirit you’ll find and reflect from within yourself… like you found a way to channel your alter ego.

The bird and the lady together is your Play Stix alter ego. Meet Freya—your spirit animal, a reflection of your empowered personality. Fierce but kind, powerful but playful. Me but also you. Play Stix is her, your and my throne to claim supremacy over every judgment, every opinion, every label, every stereotype that failed to bring us down. She represents the power Play Stix brings to you. A different mood, a different shade, a different you.

It’s raining shades!

10 playful mattes, 10 powerful metallics, infinite shades of you! That’s what these 20 shades create in the world of makeup—diversity, versatility, and no-judgements-attached freedom to #PlayItYourWay.

Also, they’re not just all fun and play. They’re also packed with all the goodness. In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free like any other BLC product, Play Stix are formulated with 5 super oils - Argan, Marula, Jojoba, Avocado & Almond. These nourishing ingredients make the process of application smoother than ever and level up its blendability. With no compromises made on how deliciously and intensely pigmented each shade shows on your skin, they are all yours to make strong or subtle statements as you like or for you to smash the stereotypes.

Made to #PlayItYourWay
We knew whenever we launched Play Stix, it had to be everything we had imagined it to be. We wanted it to be playful, colourful, powerful, but also fun, cheeky and bring out your inner Freya. We wanted you to know there is no wrong way to use Play Stix. But there’s just one right way to use them and that’s to #PlayItYourWay.

Just like Freya, we wanted to show the different moods, the different personalities. You could be a dreamer not confined by rules, you can be a biker girl and not look the type, you could have any body type but that wouldn’t restrict you from anything, you could love makeup but that wouldn’t make you any less intelligent. We wanted to break stereotypes and cancel all the bad opinions, judgements or labels that put a boundary on anyone. So, here’s Play Stix—not just for you to break the rules but for you to create your own. 

So, go on, fall in love with yourself a little more or smash every beauty rule unapologetically with Play Stix, one shade at a time. Find ‘em all on!

#PlayItYourWay always,
Kajol Bafna.



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