Beyond The Shades - It's A Feeling

Lipsticks have come a looooong way. They were invented in 1884 and, ever since, have successfully sat on their royal seat in our hearts and our makeup kits. Somewhere between stealing our mother's lippie and hoarding all the shades in the world, we all grew up. 

Lipsticks unite us all—be it a 17-year-old who just discovered makeup, a person who doesn't know much about makeup or a pro makeup artist. There is lipstick in all our stories. This is why they stand out.

Vegan lipsticks, cruelty-free lipsticks, glossy lipsticks, matte lipsticks, bold lipsticks, nude lipsticks, whatever your fancy, your lipstick has been your silent power, and it’s time we talk about the #PowerOfPout.

Barely There Love Pen in the shade Hey BFF

Sex and all is fine but…

Have you ever tried on a lipstick and felt a studded crown being placed on your head and your clothes changing into a gorgeous black dress? Just a minute ago, you were in a lippie store but right now, you are on your throne, ready to take over the world. 

This is the feeling we are talking about. THIS. Dramatic but true. 

With all the love and extreme obsession we share for lipsticks, come a ton of misconceptions. Let's get these out of the way so we can continue romanticising our lippies, shall we? 

Our FBI agents tell us…

Some of you think bolder shades - all your reds and maroons - are for late night parties and nudes ride the mornings. 

Well, our founder—Kajol Bafna once said she wore Queen In Town (which is our prettiest, sexiest, dark maroon beauty) to a morning Zoom call. That, right here, is our answer. 

P.S - we're vegan, cruelty-free and all that ;) 

That some of you think nude is not one size fits all. 

Babe, you like the shade? You wear the shade. "Beauty standards" set too many rules, dos and don’ts. But Boss Lady Cosmetic says, NO. Lipsticks were invented for us and not vice versa. Wear it, flaunt it, love it. You own it. 

And if someone tells you otherwise:

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We find lipstick in every makeup lover and non-makeup lover's vanity. People keep several shades of lipstick on their nearest desk for a quick grab in case of impromptu plans.

For many of us, it was the first ever product that introduced us to the world of makeup. Applying lipstick sparks so many emotions. It was never about looking good for other people (oh, hell nah). It is all about looking good for yourself and all about how you feel. 


Here's how lipstick can turn your day around:


#1 We Love Cheap Thrills. 

Okay, the world is ending, the economy is crashing, and there is no money left. This is a period of complete chaos. And, you decide to impulse-buy lipstick. Well, you are not alone. The aptly-titled "Lipstick Effect" can be traced all the way back to the Great Depression.

People tend to spend on cheaper cosmetics like lipsticks even when money is tight - not a bad way to feel good in a period of crisis, if you ask us. 

How many times have you thought to yourself, maybe I didn't need this Lipstick? 

"Zero". That's the correct answer. 

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#2 Wait, I'm done hating. Today is love <3

Wake up in the morning, f̶e̶e̶l̶i̶n̶'̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶P̶ ̶D̶i̶d̶d̶y̶ feeling grumpy and you have work in an hour. Your favourite lipstick can literally save the day. Believe it or not, your lippies provide you with a dose of colour therapy. In a WH Twitter poll, 80 percent of respondents said that the right lipstick can positively impact their mood. Just a swipe of the lipstick does more than making you look a little brighter. It does, in fact, uplift your mood. 

Barely There Love Pen in the shade Such A Tease. 


#3 Lipstick saves lives. 

Literally. For cancer patients, it often serves as a symbol (no matter how small) of health and vibrancy. "Lipstick helps restore a normal sense of self that a patient can lose during incredibly difficult cancer treatments and help them feel like themselves," says Bobbie Rimel, M.D., a gynaecologist and oncologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. (Source: How amazing is that? 


#4 We Got It From Our Mama.

You might have not seen your mom wearing a full face glam but we’re sure, you have atleast one memory of your mother with lipstick. Be it her applying one or you stealing one from her because the makeup addict in you couldn't wait no more. Lipsticks play a huge role in the relationship people have with their mothers and that is beautiful! 

“The association people have with having watched their mothers put on lipstick is truly unique and unmatched," says Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen and author of the new book The A to Z of Lipstick. (Source:

Fun fact: Our founder—Kajol Bafna created the deepest, most beautiful, vegan red lipstick and named it after her mother—Dimple to honour her never-ending love for red. 

This World Lipstick Day, take some time out to thank every lipstick in your life for it is much more than just a shade, much more than just a product, much more than just a lipstick. It is a feeling that unites us all. 

Happy World Lipstick Day!

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