Makeup Rules To Break This Diwali

One thing that comes even before the Diwali date for the year is the aunty-made memo on “how to dress” and “how not to look” on Diwali. But guess what happens when you realise it’s Diwali outside but you da real firecracker inside?

Now, that’s the only festive vibe we’re cheering for. Cancelling basic memos and spinning all kinds of makeup rules to #PlayItYourWay. But, if you’re still looking for a little sparkle to add shine to your rule-breaking looks this Diwali, we’ve got you, babe but in the most vegan and cruelty-free makeup way!



Rule 1: No more take it easy desi!

We know Diwali is about traditions but a little experimenting hurt nobody, especially not the prying neighbourhood aunty. Gold, glittery eyes are great but be bold enough to pick out your vegan and cruelty-free blues like Feelin’ Cosmic or Woman Of My Dreams Play Stix, reds like Wild Child Play Stix, greens like Wow! Jackie or Queen Of The Jungle Play Stix and yellows like Going Bananas to match your outfit! Your desi avatar deserves a spin of your inner crazy too! Say “aye” if you agree.


Rule 2: The more, the merrier. 

Let nobody tell you otherwise! “That’s too much makeup” is just a pessimist's view on how goddamn beautiful you look! Don’t dress your lips if you’re wearing eye makeup or go low on the highlighter is the kinda negativity you don’t need in your life. Glowy, dewy skin for life that you can achieve with our Lit From Within or Late Night Sins buildable vegan and cruelty-free Poplighters + full face makeup so that you can up your ‘gram game with GRWM videos. They’ll be stalking you secretly for tips and eyeing your vegan and cruelty-free products, we promise. ;)

Rule 3: Make it classic but contemporary.

Red lips. Sharp wings. Nude lips. Cateye. And we can go on about a list of classic beauty looks that we just can’t do without. But, make them your own version with a contemporary twist this Diwali with vegan and cruelty-free beauty. Our Hug All Day Waterproof Eye Flicks will keep all your eyeliner looks in place while playing the perfect partner to forever loved Love Pens like the classic red Dimple, nude beauty Such A Tease, signature shade like OMG OMG OMG or festive pink like Reviginized.

We’ve broken the rules. We’ve cracked the looks. We’ve also made them vegan and cruelty-free for you to love. All we are waiting for now is you to try them on! Find all your festive makeup essentials for Diwali on and shine on this Diwali! And remember — Don’t light a patakha, be one!



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