Shows You Need To Binge Watch Right Now.

Welcome to October-November-December, the weekend of the year has finally arrived! While we cannot wait to hop around (safely! we’re still amidst a pandemic, guys) in our OOTNs, to be honest, we also can’t wait to cancel plans to couch it out!

Couch + Binge-watching until you run outta episodes — tell us a better way to celebrate cancelled plans, we’ll wait.


We’re banking on our raincheck-ed situations to expand our watchlist but just in case you need reccos, here’s a list of shows to catch up on this year-end, if you haven’t already!


The Haunting Of Hill House

No better way to say “Hello, Halloween!” than The Haunting Of Hill House. What looks like a family drama instantly turns into one of the best spooky series’ we’ve EVER watched! Characters on point, the perfect mysterious build-ups, and just the right amount of jump scares (what’s horror without them anyway!)—we’d watch it all over again.



Sex Education

Now this series deserves a dedicated blog. Taking us from the unrealistic humping in between the sheets, Sex Education is a great way to know more, know better (IYKWIM). As you run a marathon with the episodes, be prepared to take important notes like keeping in touch with your sexuality, listening to your partner, two people CAN be really good friends with no sexual tension involved—there, we’ve said it. Once and for all.




Okay, if you’re among the 2% who aren't already crushing on Regé-Jean Page, here’s your sign to start watching Bridgerton and know exactly why the rest of us are. Now besides that, it is full of great music, and if you love ‘classics’, this period drama is surely for you! It’s an escapism into an era gone through the diversity of characters, their tasteful portrayal and the storyline, of course. 




If “a message to my younger self” looked like something, it would look like Younger. Packed with comic punches, quite-like-real-life situations set up in a world of New York and media minus the OTT cringe drama, it had us hooked purely for the perfectly imperfect likeable characters and their story that comes off with a sense of realness. Watch, watch!



The Queen’s Gambit

It is the show we didn’t know we needed! The joy of watching Anya Taylor-Joy on one side and the sheer brilliance in portraying the protagonist overcoming her inner demons. Not gonna lie, we did steal some interesting makeup inspo from the 50s and 60s ‘cause who we are but it kept us playing episodes back-to-back! Have you watched it yet?



Be a great friend, let us know the shows you’ve been watching. Let's do this virtual list exchange while we go on building our holiday watchlists. Which shows do you want us to add on? 


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