The Ooohs, Ahhhs and Nah-Nahs of Masturbation: All the bullsh*t debunke

Masturbation, especially female masturbation, has been looked down upon for eons. Placing it in cultural context, it’s been considered unholy, taboo or an act of sin. It is probably what causes the prying neighbourhood aunties to have nightmares! Also, in a society like India, male masturbation is generally an “indicator” of how good or bad the woman is in bed. The more he masturbates, the less his sexual desires are fulfilled in bed. Really? We mean, it’s 2021! It’s about time masturbation is seen as what it really is.

On that note—what is masturbation? Well, as per Google, it is ‘stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure’. Firstly, it’s good. In every way. PERIOD. Secondly, in our world which is more like yours, it’s a space for endless exploration, excitement, and pleasure through one’s own solo adventures ABSOLUTELY GUILT-FREE! And no, it’s not just about using hands, Google! The world has moved on and the definitions need to too!

Let’s talk numbers a little. According to a Vitamin Stree survey, 99.45% men said they have masturbated along with 82% women who said they have masturbated at least once in their life. 28.8% of women said that they masturbate 3 to 4 times a week and 1 in 4 men said that they masturbate at least once a day. To be honest, nothing about these numbers surprises us. We know people do it, we know they enjoy it but we also know they find it difficult to speak openly about it due to the judgements. This is where the real problem lies!

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Judgements can be influenced by several factors but misinformation is 100% one of the biggest among them! Misinformation is like a bad germ. It finds hosts along the way and infects them. Until one day, either a medicine or a vaccination slows it down. Myth-busting, open conversations, and sex education are those medicines and vaccinations for this bad germ. Along with primitive myths like masturbation can get you pregnant (we’re sorry, but whoever came up with this needs to see our eye-roll), can make you go blind (woah!), can make you lose your virginity (not againnn), cause excessive hair growth and even shrink your genitals, there’s a whole gamut of more believable myths that need to be smashed right away! Let’s dive straight into them? Oooh, we’re excited [ pun not intended or is it? ;) ]

Men masturbate more than women
We say: Myth, fo sho!

While the numbers may say that more men masturbate than the number of women, the frequency is really just a personal choice and an outcome of sexual desires. Women are increasingly becoming vocal about sex and sexual wellbeing and boy, they’re out there giving a tough fight to these beliefs of men masturbating > women masturbating!

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Self-pleasure is for singles
We say: False. Myth!

Masturbation is not based on your relationship status. Self-pleasure is normal in any healthy relationship, married or not. Indulging in self-pleasure to break monotony of usual sexual intercourse or heighten sexual pleasures is a sign of a healthy and understanding sexual relationship amongst partners. Couples in long distance relationships, too, may indulge in self-pleasure to keep the spark alive.

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Masturbation reduces your sex drive
We say: Let’s talk

There’s no evidence that masturbation itself reduces the drive to have sex with a partner. With prolonged durations of pleasuring yourself, you may become used to a certain kind of touch, method or process that may turn you on or put you off influencing how you experience sex with a partner or reach an orgasm, ultimately affecting your sexual experience.
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Masturbation has side effects and leads to bad health
We say: MYTH!

There has been a huge stigma around masturbation and it often is spoken of in the same breath as mental illness. THAT’S NOT TRUE! In reality, self-pleasure is a great way of safely satisfying your sexual fantasies. How often one masturbates may require a cut back only if the person indulging in it is using it as a tool of escapism from real world problems, issues or concerns that need addressing like relationship challenges or lack of interest in pleasuring the partner.

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Masturbation makes you infertile

Masturbation makes you infertile
We say: Let’s talk

Let’s say it as it is—masturbation does not cause infertility. It causes no physical damage
that prevents one from being reproductive. However, a reduced sperm count in men
overtime may affect fertility which maybe a cause of several factors like age, etc
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Using objects and sex toys to fulfill desires causes diseases
We say: BIG MYTH!

NORMALISE USING OBJECTS OR TOYS FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE. There’s nothing vulgar or nasty about them. Go fast, take it slow, indulge in self-pleasure and do it the way you like! You deserve a happy ending and you get to choose how you get to it! The only way using objects or sex toys for self-pleasure can cause harm is if hygiene is not maintained.
Some sort of physical damage is possible in case the act gets rough. However, once you’ve learnt “the route” to reaching “your peak”, you’ll also know how to manage the physicalities of it!
So big girls and boys reading in, starting this Masturbation Month (May of every year), let’s vow to rub-a-dub-dub down there and the facts in their faces. So, if you hear someone spreading the bad germs, send them over here and ask them to spread love (self-love) instead!
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