Your makeup isn't complete without these!

It all started with an eyeliner somewhere in the lands of South Asia. We moved on to foundation, concealers, blush, you name it.
Through it all, don't you feel the adrenaline rush every time you get hold of your new cosmetic product? The thought of experimenting with them, pairing them up with your favourite dress, creating those effortless looks that takes the effort as much as moving mountains does, gives you the chills, doesn't it?

Did you agree with all of these? Congratulations, you're a makeup addict, just like us! Since you are one of the crew members, the Boss Lady team did some research for you!
Call the FBI on us but we have tracked down all your makeup habits and put them in a blog.

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Trend or no-trend, there are some makeup practices all of us picked up—some from the Jenners, some from the experiments, and some fell straight from heaven because they work like magic, literally!

While there are some trends from the past that make us cringe, there are some makeup rituals that have stuck with us through thick and thin.

You just can't walk out of the door with these undone! Without any further ado, let’s dive into some makeup practices that have become an unconscious practice of our routines. Get. Set. Go!

#1 Inner corner highlight
Since the time highlighters came into our lives (and very smoothly into our makeup bags), we want them all over! Cheekbones, brow bones, tip of the nose, you name it, we want it. While these were just the start of an obsession, the inner corner of the eye highlighting came into our lives and became the sh*t. We haven't stopped since!

We mean, it gives you that POP, makes you look brighter and more awake (it's 2021, and we need that). What's not to love? But wait, there's more to it! We love going crazy with pinks, neons, blues, and have got a whole rainbow on our eyes. Easy-peasy and looks so gorgeous!

We are in love with the Late Night Sins Glow TF Up Poplighter used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. So minimal, so stunning!

#2 Who Needs Falsies?
We do. Yes, please. We'd like a million of them because this trend makes dreams come true! We thin lash babies have manifested this forever. Do you ever catch yourself going out without your false lashes? It gives our look (and our lashes) that lush volume. 
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Someone rightly said, "The only drama I entertain is the one on my lashes." This one brings in major princess energy and we are here for it!

#3 Fuller lips
Who doesn't want the perfect Kylie Jenner pout?
One trick every makeup addict has learnt from the Jenners is to overline the lip for that fuller look. The thick lip obsession is here to stay.
Let alone makeup, even these filters give you a little botox. Easily, the fuller lip trend is here to stay, and we love it!
Kiss kiss <3

In case you are wondering, the lip shade is Skinny Dipping Barely There Love Pen ;)

#4 Never stop blushing
We wish we had Michele Morrone in front of us all the time so we could naturally blush, but unfortunately, that is not how life works.

Blush to the rescue for that cute look! Be it a natural look, "I'm a queen" look,"I need to look like a human" look; you can't ignore the blush. While we are still at it, 2021 hooked us up with some blush on the nose for a natural, flushed look.

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#5 No bad brow days
You have your foundation, highlight, contour, all of it in place but, if your eyebrows don't look like you are ready to snap the queen off her chair, what's the whole point?

Remember when thin brows were a thing? Neither do we. 2021 is all about soap brows! If you don't know this trend yet, it is exactly what it sounds like - you use a soap bar instead of an eyebrow gel to set the brows. Crazy but we love it!

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We are so glad the makeup gurus found out these tricks. All we can say is heaven sent them to us. Experience. Experiment. Evolve!

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