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You Glow, Girl!

Meet the Glow TF Up Pop Lighter, just as unique to the brand as rainbow-hued unicorns to the world. 

The one-of-a-kind formulation of our signature Pop Lighters/Cruelty free highlighter  give you a sheer skin-like glowing texture in all the right ways. Tasteful and oh-so-chic. Like a glow bomb, yes. Glitter ball, no.

Let your bright shine catch the light. The iridiscent tints and pigments of the Cruelty free makeup highlighters, give a changing colour and look in different angles and lights, so you’re never bored with just one look! 

You’ll love the classic gold look that comes with the rightly named, Lit From Within – a gorgeous subtle gold meant to literally give you look like you’re lit from within. 

For the more adventurous Bosses out there, Buy our Late Night Sins Pop highlighter, with its naughty and attractive pink glow, will make you commit just that. We promise, we are upto no good.

Both these Vegan & Cruelty free highlighter are meant to give you a wet glow -  No Chunky, No Glittery.

The Glow TF Up Pop Lighter offers you a formula that is highly pigmented, blendable and lightweight. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free and its use of ethically sourced Mica are just brownie points that make us click ‘add to cart’. Buy our Lit from within Highlighters Online here & Buy our late night sins makeup highlighter here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Highlighters Cruelty-Free? Do you test on animals?

Yes, our highlighters are absolutely Cruelty-Free. We do not test on animals. 

How do I apply BLC's Makeup Highlighter?

Apply on your cheekbones, brow bone, Cupid’bow, inner Corner of the eye or on your eye lids with a tapered / fan brush or your fingers.

Can I apply your vegan highlighter as eyeshadow?

Yes, totally! 

Are Your Highlighters Available on Third-Party Sites?

Yes, they are.

Why Boss Lady Cosmetics is the Best Brand in India for Cruelty-Free Highlighters?

Our Poplighters are one to live for! They're Cruelty-Free, they're Vegan, they're clean! They are formulated to be highly pigmented, blendable and light-weight. Feels like a feather and makes you Glow TF Up, in a second! 

The Mica used in our Poplighters is 100% ethical and that is why you got no better! They're all that. 

Is the MICA ethically sourced?

Yes, the mica we use in our highlighters are ethically sourced I.E no child labour.

Our vendors have a strict NO CHILD LABOUR Policy.