HI !

In a world blocked by beauty standards, we believe in keeping it wild and free. #JustOwnedIt

India's first ever vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable makeup brand Boss Lady Cosmetic is a celebration of beauty, people, and the planet. #AllHearts

Beauty With Benefits.

Bold with a dash of rad. Humble with a dash of simple. Performance with a dash of fun. Creativity with a dash of crazy. Positivity with a dash of spirit. We've got our DNA fully loaded up. But that's not all! We will ALWAYS be clean, ethical and sustainable inside-out. A diverse and colourful product range made ONLY with clean and ethical ingredients full of goodness, and packaged only with sustainable material that can be recycled or upcycled is our forever promise. We're here to make beauty beneficial for everyone.

Rebel With A Cause, On A Mission, With A Purpose.

Inclusivity is not just our character trait, it is WHO WE ARE. We are here to defy beauty, gender, body, skin, colour, size and all the possible stereotypes and barriers you can think of and break them in a jiffy. Our world is for everyone. And, it is a free range space for self-expression. Come as you are, be as you want to be! We're always having fun with makeup, giving a voice to your personal style, and empowering you with tools you can choose to express who you are.

Cruelty Negative. Inclusivity Positive.

We have zero-tolerance for any form of abuse or exploitation of our communities or planet. We ensure our processes are free from any form of child or labour exploitation. Vegan and cruelty-free beauty is our word to you. It will always be a no-negativity zone where animal ingredients and animal testing in any form have no entry to maintain balance and co-existence. It’s one big, happy family, with you and us, our furry friends, and our planet together!