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Boss Lady Cosmetics is a new makeup brand that understands the needs and trends of the millennial Indian. It is India’s first-ever cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable makeup brand. The brand challenges the status quo and stimulates a mindset that inspires inclusiveness, kindness, gentleness. Boss Lady encourages its consumers to seek their definition of beauty, vanity, individualism. In an era where owning your identity is no more a crisis, Boss Lady boosts you to question the conventional way of life.

Boss Lady represents you, her and him with their specially curated range of makeup for both men and women irrespective of sexual orientation, size, colour or origin. All their products are environmentally sustainable, chemical-free, vegan and recyclable.

At present, Boss Lady comes with a wide range of products ranging from lipsticks, eyeliners, highlighter comprising of fun, innovative shades. All the products are long-lasting and have been conceptualized keeping in mind a customer who is a lover of freedom of expression, flaunts themselves and love being bold and having fun with make-up.

Boss Lady Cosmetics