Ashes Of Patriarchy - 20

Rs. 725

Smashing it, right in its face! This is the hood coming together in all action, with your face lighting up in the ashes and smoke of the righteous fire that burns the wrong world down. In a slow yet steady motion here and a metallic bullet rushing there, you can get all that you were told doesn’t belong to you.

Why Will You Love It :

It’s completely vegan & cruelty-free. Imagine gifting someone ashes of patriarchy. An All-Rounder.

Superpower: Formulated with a blend of 5 super oils and shea butter, Play Stix is passing the power to #PlayItYourWay in your hands, making smooth application and blend-ability anywhere you like possible!
It’s here to change the way you play with makeup forever. There are no wrong ways to use it. 

Shade: Smokey Grey Metallic.

Care: Store in Cool Dry Place, Away From Sunlight


Isopropyl  myristate, cyclopentasiloxane and dimenthicone , octy methoxycinnamate, CandelillaWax, Olus Oil and Helianthus annuus  and euphorbia cerifera, Capric triglyceride, Micah bisdiglyceryl acyl adipate, aluminium starch octenly succinate, polyethylene, ozokerite wax, synthetic bees wax, carnauba warm phenyl trimethicone, octly palmitate, polyisobutene, Shea butter, fragrance , tocopheryl acetate , phenoxy ethanol , butylated hydroxy toluene , almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil,  marula oil, color pigments and Pearl sch.

Best Until July 2023

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